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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone.
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the the meeting will come to order. welcome to the regular meeting of san francisco transportation authority finance committee i'm mcly cowen the chair of the meeting and to my left a supervisor cowen and to my right is supervisor scott wiener and supervisor farrell will be joining us as well the clerk is erica changing i'd like to thank our friends jonathan and others for broadcasting in meeting. thank you very much. madam clerk, any announcements? >> there are no announcements. to meet new requirement i'll do
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roll call. supervisor chiu absent. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. absent. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. we have quorum >> thank you very much please call item 2. eight amendment. are under any members of the public that wish to comment seeding >> supervisor chiu absent. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell absent. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. the item passes >> madam clerk, call item 3.
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>> that is is an informational slash update action. >> thank you very much it's nice to travel today on the matrix are 5 bills 3 to recommendation for support and 2 opposition bills. on the support the first measure is recently amended bill sb on page 6 of the matrix. so far attests on the matrix on page 6 it will grant to the recreational transportation agency and that definition includes san francisco ta he the san francisco bay areas low combroont the authority under current law to use c m g c it's an contractor for the emerging
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best practices for the implementing transportation projects it will only be an authority i can go into more details but we're recommending support it's an authorization to use going forward the task. a b-2197 by mr. mullan is on page 9 of the matrix that deals with temporary plates and supported by ta c the concern is the lag time between car prufrpdz and plating and toll revenues that is associated with the lag time. the bill will simply say the dealers will have a process that immediately allows them to print a readable plate that will be placed on the windshield.
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the rules and regulations can read that as they go through the road toll services we're recommending support. and the final measure you may have some questions the measure is sb 1047 and it's a reluctant at this point that's a measure to provide a pilot program to examine the vehicle miles traveled as a tax base to supplemented the current competently sister tax we've a watched over the two decades the core tax has some frailty and it runs counter to the state it's a per gallon tax wire trying to
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get vehicles to a more fuel-efficient state and making good progress. this will call for a pilot program i don't expect this to be a version it was out there let's get n this moving but the author it is not on having something adapted and caltrain's is advising little proliferation administration on the m t approach those efforts may come together. the two opposed positions we're recommending the first one is a b-203 on page 7 it expands the number of green decathlons that are permitted for access by plug in hybrids into the lanes.
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ironically the bill ran into problems so we're not sure how this will come forward so if we're going to oppose it i recommend not the temporary position having failed on the assembly floor if you want to oppose it i want to make that recommendation to you and lastly a b-20 of this is interesting approach to go back and requiring and looking forward and requiring a vote on toll facilities in this state whether they be hot range or plan managed slow lanes that requires a mandated 2/3rd's vote of the public within a 5 mile stretch you decide of the toll services
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and it's unnecessary and super is lose but it would threaten the express lanes and it includes ironically bridges so a close reading could require a future votes for the brings in the bay region to be subject to votes. those are our 5 bills i want to highlight fooushgs and the staff wants me to talk about other things if you have the time and patience. great. there are 3 vehicle waste vehicles that's a shorthand for the proposal to provide bridge financing for bridge repair
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under 2009 and 2010 and we got rid of prop 42 but part of that shifted the fees that commercial vehicles pay for operating in the statistical those have been transferred to support of a b particularly about 9 had and $50 million a year and now that the general fund is moving in a healthy pathway one thought was a temporary or ongoing bridge funding that's worth that 9 hundreds and $50 million to bring back and defy i didn't it up to provide 44 percent to local maintenance the remainder going to the state. there are 3 bills we wanted to highlight that we've taken watch positions we shall not sure if those bills are going to have
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additional changes made and the real issue will be in the budget process there's time to come back in may if you have a position one way or the other the need for transportation or the general state level that would anonymity support so right now their watched but there's activities around them. the second issue and it's a cap and trade issue i've tubed. i think the issue is now we've got a firm proposal for the first time by the governor for an expenditure of $850 million for the 2013-2014 budget but the expectation of several million dollars beginning in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 as additional
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entities are brought under the cap and trade regime. two easier that i think this region and other regions in the state that are pushing for more direct allocation to the mp os but the mp o and the destruction rather than leaving it as a grant position and several categories of interest and one is underfunded is the stable communities improvement or investment category i can't remember the last initial. the idea is there's a uniform pressure from all the mp os to increase the budget to support infrastructure development generally speaking with the
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communicable state funds. in terms of the the senate leadership will proposes a new program for cap and trade that's contrary to the way they disperse the funds. we're going to see the state leadership prop more money going directly to mp o than the governor and this year might not be more funds for the stable investment category i believe there will be additional categories that local government's will be in favor have to lead to something
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strongly supported bipartisan's. the vehicle for that is the carbon tax bill that's been introduced and the author is getting ready to move that aside for cap and trade. we're about to get into the actual negotiations between the myths, the senate and the recreational partners on what the framework should look like in the cap and trade revenues. it's been a long time coming >> supervisor tang. >> i have had a question about this bill regarding the temporary license plates i want to know what's prohibiting us from doing more work with the dmv so they can be more efficient not to spend all the time and research in this.
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>> i don't know the full history that's a resource issue more than anything their you funded by rental fees and i recall the budget being put together there's tithe budget organization i think what the authorizes and sponsors are thinking to make that efficiency reform better it's costly and make that more difficult for eventually passage of that bill because of the pressure on the motor vehicle count there's no real reason why we couldn't examine that. >> i see the support on the position on a personal note, i want to see the dmv's progressing more efficient you're not adding on another layer. >> i'd be happy to talk with
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the mp c and see if there's more rationale. >> thank you. i was wondering in you could talk about the sb the high speed rail you made a recommendation but i don't know if you can talk about the comments you wrote about the halting of high speed rail. which would prohibit state fund >> i offer stated that. why be spend the federal money up front until you know your got a project fully opportunity but taken into consideration together with oouthd other bills he's intent on bringing it to a
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halt that's my conclusion from watching the other bills a >> is there support for that. >> very little. it's limited to pretty much one party >> okay. thank you. colleagues, any other comments on the presentation soak seeing none, public comment is closed. we should take public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk, this is an action item >> on item 3. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. absent >> commissioner walker. supervisor wiener. this item passes >> please call item 4. >> the preliminary 2014-2015 an
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amendment a thought prop k this is an informational item. >> good morning, commissioners. what we have before you is a preliminary fiscal year 2014-2015 you recall this is our first look at the transportation authority 2014-2015 budget we'll have another opportunity to review the budget at the at the maze financial committee we're looking for information we have a presentation i'll walk through the financial numbers newer the authority and have my colleague talk about the other program >> just a little bit of why we present this budget to this committee according to the state
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statutes we've got to adapt a budget by june this is the sales tax revenue and the state and local revenue our prop k and the clean air program and its capital expenditures and 49 and debt costs. the budget package has 4 components and one describes the overall budget attached it is your annual report 2014-2015 and attachment b is the preliminary high-level executive level of the budget by the 4 different funds within the agency and attachment 4 is another line item byline item in addition to
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how the break up the capital costs and the administrative cost and attachment d is a line item description of how we came up with the estimates in addition to any projections we anticipate or any changes we expect to see coming up. this chart here is a pie chart of total revenue of the 2014-2015 budget. we expect to see a total of 1 hundred and 54 million. the revenues we have is our sales tax revenue a piece of information the sales tax revenue represents 80 percent of last year but we expect to see a larger amount of federal and state mainly for the grant revenues the yerba buena idling project we're expecting
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$44.9 million. this represents the majority of the type grants we're receiving in terms of which other revenues 5.6 million the bulk represents the first payment from the title and this is the first time payment of 3 we anticipate. as i mentioned the state revenue part of it is coming from the yerba buena grant and the other program we have vehicle regularly fees and this is pretty close to what was anticipated for the prior year the recreational grant funding represents 4.3 he million and the budget of this money is the street from the oc ii project.
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the last item is the income is 3 hundred and 42 million this is the combination of four different accounts the bank account and the majority of the fund is sitting in the city pool. on the next slide i thought this would be nice to see the 10 year tax informing for the transportation authority back in 05 and 06 is the funds we had in fiscal year 09 and needing we're slowing creeping up 4 to 5 percent and will be at our high point in n.y. 2014-2015. as we see it right now, we're expecting to grow over the next
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few years at this rate. in terms of expenditures we have 4 point plus million dollars for the bulk is in the pie chart our capital expenditure that's $215 million of costs representing 95 percent. and the majority of the cost fall into four projects either sfmta communication system computer aided dispatch replacement the transbay transit center downtown estimation and the parkway. we're working on maintenance improvements and pedestrian and bicycle projects the personnel costs the salaries for the 33 positions at the transportation
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authority. in terms of salaries there's no change from the previous years we have a small increase to offset the medical premiums that's enabling that we anticipate in the next year. in terms of non-personnel expenditures that the 1.4 percent we have per cost for our audits and rent and office supplies nothing administration related this is our enterprise planning implementation of the be accounting system. in addition to rent that we are anticipating increase in amazes of rent due to the fact we're not longer subsidized for rent this information item we have a
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6.7 percent administration costs limitation to the transportation authorities administration funds because of the e rp we have looking at to increase that to 8.4 percent and late item is the debt service expenditures this is is 1.8 million this agency no debt and typically in the past what's going it the transportation authority we're finishing the program and in addition there are anticipated changes coming down the pipeline for the sfmta capital improvement program we're waiting to see how those numbers total up before anticipating any debt service or making changes
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to the program >> supervisor wiener. >> just a clarifying question on slide 4 the total revenues are one hundred and 54 million and change. and then the expenditures is 225 is that $70 million in debt >> the differences. >> yes. >> the difference is the debt we anticipate to pay off the expenditures their multi year fund we received the revenues earlier so we've been able to manage it to the paper program. >> right but the 70 million is the paper. >> the bond. >> the debt we're drawing down and having the cash come in. >> exactly. >> and i'm sorry but that's why wouldn't that be that's not included in -
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>> i know i'm not an accounting expert but in terms of the comparing the two slides. >> right it's not currently included because we're waiting for a couple of things we're working out the 2014-2015 update to waiting to see those numbers to update our capital expenditure costs as well as the sfmta improvement capital program. before putting aside any debt we want to see what the numbers will look like and anticipate getting them >> but the difference of 70 million that's the debt we're paying off. >> now those are the numbers we're anticipating to occur we